Meeting Leigh Bardugo

Meeting Leigh Bardugo

Though living in the city presents its challenges: traffic, smog, scary strangers; I do love the access to wonderful events. One of those was a book signing by the incredibly talented Leigh Bardugo. I was mildly excited. 21462876_1822557944741685_8703931747963606222_n.jpg

The event was held in a beautiful theatre, a sure sign that she is popular. I took this picture after we stood in line for the doors to open. It filled up, and at least 100 to 150 people were there. 21557572_1822557884741691_3236091658447186893_n.jpg

Leigh talked for over an hour on her writing methods, the characters in her books, and then responded to a Q&A session. It was wonderful to hear her give down-to-earth, encouraging, attainable writing advice. It was just the balm my weary heart needed!

Cody was the ever-supportive husband, and waited in line with me for over an hour to get my book signed. When it was my turn, I told Leigh how I had used Six of Crows to help me while I struggled with tense and POV. She was gracious and encouraging, and even prettier up close, not something that can be said for everyone! 21317867_1822557858075027_6261155407299850995_n.jpg

It was a great night of encouragement and community, and nice to see so many book nerds out and freaking over the Darkling and Kaz. Glad to know I am not the only one. Book nerds unite! (And an extra thanks to Cody, who smiled throughout the whole talk, even not knowing what a single character joke was about.)

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  1. You are SOOOO right, living where you do has afforded you great opportunities to hike more often, see awesome concerts, fly anywhere more affordably, see creative plays during the holidays, and NOW to see one of your all time favorite authors…you are blessed! We do still miss you, but can’t help being happy for you to have these opportunities.

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