Texas Family Vacation – Part 2

Texas Family Vacation – Part 2

We left Corpus Christi and drove back to San Antonio. We checked into our hotel and then headed out to The Cheesecake Factory.


Then. It. Was. Time.

21032636_1635260043150651_5871650986234393543_n.jpg20993988_1635260086483980_5162876964923645898_n.jpg21106333_1635260113150644_6329492131965518507_n.jpg21106487_1635260073150648_3537435084668230292_n.jpgEd was every bit as amazing in person as we’d hoped. If you get a chance to see him live, do it! Thank you Cassie for the wonderful photos, and thank you Mom for making this dream come true!

Ed Sheeran made for an epic way to end the night. I slept hard, with the sound of “Photograph” ringing in my ears.

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