Texas Family Vacation – Part 1

Texas Family Vacation – Part 1

It was a weird thing, to be lounging in an airport stiff-backed chair, and then see my four favorite people sauntering up, luggage on their backs, and smiles on their faces. But that is a beauty of a family vacation taking place in a whole new state.

We began the trip with a joint flight out of the mountains, and into San Antonio. The flight was long, and yet our journey had just begun. A long drive stretched before us to the coast, where our condo awaited on Corpus Christi. We piled into a mini-van, high on nostalgia. The driving portion took a quick detour as we navigated our way to Chick-fil-A for road sustenance.

After the sugar high wore off, our eyes grew fuzzy with the headlights stark against the night. Cody and Jason assumed the travel pose they would maintain for the remainder of the trip, that we later photographed from another nap in the middle of the day.


We finally arrived, safe and tired, to our new home: a beautiful condo, with a lovely kitchen, quiet area, and three bathrooms, which a mandatory for a group of six. We all passed out on the comfy beds, and woke with a hankering for the beach.

Sand castles were built, mermaids discovered, and a rousing game of soccer played. Mom was a surprisingly aggressive MVP, at one point inciting Cassie to yell, “Quit kicking me!” Since Mom was on my team, I am pleased to report, she kept kicking.


With rumbling bellies, we dragged ourselves from the bath-warm sea, grimaced at our crispy, sand-crusted skin, and made our way back to shower. We enjoyed a fine seafood meal at Joe’s Crab Shack with amazing Mahi mahi tacos. And Baskin Robbins, which became a staple of the vacation.

The next day played out much the same: beach, swimming, volleyball, violent soccer, and food. Honestly, two of the most idyllic days of my life. The final night in our condo, Mom, Cody, and I stayed up late watching Jumanji. Yes, it still scared me, and yes I still hear the drumbeat when walking Zara late at night.

Our first two days at the beach were a grand adventure, but thankfully, there was more to come!

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  1. Aww this makes me so happy! Except the part about some random stranger taking a picture of your mermaid bod….oh well, anyways 😉

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