Cody’s 24th Birthday – Part 1

Cody’s 24th Birthday – Part 1

We kicked off the celebrations for Cody’s birthday on Friday night. I made a chocolate-chess pie, with my peanut butter cookie as the crust. It is possibly the best pie I’ve ever tasted, in all humbleness of course. We watched “Lego: Batman” because that is how adults celebrate birthdays.

The next morning, we went out for an easy six mile run, that turned into an 11 mile peak-bagging adventure, with some seriously steep switchbacks and truly glorious ridge-running.


After the punishing climb and descent, I thanked Cody by buying him an A&W burger and rootbeer float. Rather disgusting recovery food, but hey, it was his birthday weekend. We then returned home, showered twelve layers of grime off (Cody tripped on a root and did 2 full somersaults before sprawling in the dust) and got ready for the next adventure.

THE VIKING EXHIBIT! We spent three hours wandering around and learning about vikings. My favorite fact was that the term viking was originally used as a verb. For example: men/women/children of any age could “go out on a viking” which was a raid or trip. Normally peaceful people “out on a viking” could commit acts of horror, but return and live a respectable life afterwards.

My least favorite part was the jawbone of a horse, remnants of a sacrifice to Odin. The human skull was interesting, but made my stomach turn. Very eerie.

After the museum, we went for the best Mexican food around at The Red Iguana. Cody slept on the drive back home, where we ended the night with more pie and a few episodes of “Friends”.

On Sunday, we slept in late, went to church, and then out to lunch with our friends. The rest of the day was spent lazing around the house. We watched “The Zookeeper’s Wife” that night. I highly recommend it. It is important we never forget the tragedies of the past, and I pray we never stand idly by and let them occur again.

His actual birthday is on Tuesday, but it was a great weekend of celebration…until the next round! I love an excuse to drag out birthday celebrations.

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  1. The views look stunning, so glad you conquered it! Tell the truth, were you able to make sure Cody was okay before you fell on the ground laughing at his fall 😉

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