Summer Snow

Summer Snow

When Cody and I first moved here I was post-surgery and rather weak. I dragged myself up this mountain. We returned 6 months later for another crack at it. I am pleased to report my legs and lungs were at their best and we cruised up the trail, enjoying the greenery.

The day was blistering hot, but as we neared the snowbanks, a cool breeze shifted over our skin. It was just the refreshing energy boost we needed.

We turned back about 30 minutes from the top. We could see the ridge line and summit, but with all the snow, it would have taken three times longer than normal, and I had to get home to babysit for church friends. The snow was deep and even if we’d carried our snowshoes strapped to packs, it was not nice fluffy powder, but packed ice.

We enjoyed the views, ate some trail mix, and headed back to the car.

The best part of living near the mountains? We can return as soon as the snow melts and try again. Hiking is the best free date around, and I am lucky to have the best adventure partner.

4 thoughts on “Summer Snow

    1. Haha it won’t melt for a while. But it is high elevation, our lower trails are all melted. Just eh peaks still have snow in the shade.

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