Flaming Gorge – Day 3

Flaming Gorge – Day 3

We woke covered in frost.

Then Cassie won best-sister-in-law ever award from Cody for making us all scrambled eggs and biscuits.

We then loaded up the car and headed to our next trail for a leisurely walk around Moose Pond.

Laughing at the lack of exertion, we found a trail with some serious incline to get our blood pumping all the hot dogs from our arteries.

With our legs tired, we moseyed back to camp for lunch and one final walk.

Cassie and Jason left around 2 p.m. for their longer drive home. Final hugs were given and promises of “next time” as we dreamed ahead to our future reunions. I am so grateful they made the long drive to join us. Meanwhile, Cody and I had an extra night to spend at camp, so we sprawled out to enjoy the sunshine over a game of Phase 10.

I retreated to the hammock for a nap, and when I woke I caught the cutest sight.

Cody and I lit our final fire for the weekend, ate leftovers, and retreated to our sleeping bags. Around 2 a.m. I woke from a horrid dream that a mountain lion had attacked Zara. I sat up, relieved to see her standing alert beside my pillow. I lay back down, gazed at the stars for a few moments, and then chaos erupted.

Zara snarled and growled more ferociously than I’ve ever imagined her capable of. She sprinted across me, leaping my sleeping bag and disappeared snarling toward the river. Cody woke, we grabbed the bear spray and stood shoulder to shoulder, eyes wide, headlamp glaring, trying to find our bearings.

“Get in the car,” he commanded. We quickly retreated, leaping into the car, Zara bounding into the back seat behind us. We locked the doors and flipped on the headlights. Camp was empty and calm. We turned to examine Zara, who was out of breath but unharmed. We checked her for cuts or bites, but she simply curled up into a ball on the back seat as if nothing happened.

We ventured out after about 10 minutes, armed with bear spray and grabbed our sleeping bags before returning to the car. We locked the doors and fell asleep, cramped, but happy to be injury free.

We examined camp the next morning. Not a single track in sight. No scat or disturbance of mud near the river. We conjectured about Zara over-reacting, and think it was possibly a raccoon that jumped the river and she was nervous at night. Alas, no coon tracks either.

As we drove home from the mountains we reflected upon our adventurous end to the weekend. Whatever scared Zara, her snarls may or not have protected us, and at the very least she alerted us. We thank God we were able to sleep out the rest of the night in the car, and make it home all safe and sound. What is an adventure without fear of being eaten? All in all, a very successful Memorial Day Weekend 2017. Thanks for coming Cassie and Jason! Thanks for fighting for us soldiers! Thanks for protecting us all Heavenly Father!

5 thoughts on “Flaming Gorge – Day 3

  1. We had a wonderful time with you guys!! Thanks for sharing the pics as well 😊
    That’s a crazy story about your last night at camp!! Gotta say, we are glad to have missed that haha πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see you guys again soon and make some more crazy memories πŸ’—

    1. It was so scary, haha. I am glad you missed it too. I am so excited for our next adventures as well. August is going to be insanely wonderful.

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