A Surprise Visit

A Surprise Visit

Mom and Dad came to visit! They were headed to a concert and decided to detour to make some quick memories with us. They arrived just in time for our Wednesday night Bible study. They got to meet our friends and add to the conversation. Then it was off to bed before the next day’s adventures.

The day began just how my mother likes, with coffee. Then I took them to see one of my favorite waterfalls. The weather was perfect, sunny but cool, and we chatted happily, hiking for hours that felt like minutes.

I hope everyone has a family who can make them laugh as hard as mine does.

We enjoyed breakfast the next morning, before they drove out of town. It was a wonderfully relaxing whirlwind of a visit, and such a nice surprise to see them. Thanks Mom and Dad for driving those extra hours to be with us!

5 thoughts on “A Surprise Visit

    1. Thank you! It was truly the best surprise. We didn’t expect to work out their travel schedule. I like this living within driving distance thing 😀

  1. Thanks for the great reminder of how much fun we had! We have talked about it a lot coming across country. Love you babe!

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