Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Friday night after work, Cody and I drove to the woods for a quick over night trip. Naturally we had to stop and photograph the pretty rocks along the way.

We pulled off the side of road and found a flat, grassy spot right next to the river.

It was ripe with kindling too.

We danced under the stars, cuddled by the fire, and finally laid out our sleeping bags. The noise of the river was peaceful and the canopy of stars overhead otherworldly. We felt like we were on another planet, void of people, stress, war, or pain. Tucked safe under the heavens, keeping a sharp eye for shooting stars.

The next morning, we woke at 4:30 a.m. and made it to the trail head. We were surprised to find another group of people already there. We were glad to start early since that foreshadowed the crowds to come. We strapped on head lamps and hiked through the dark, following the river. Our noses caught a whiff of something foul. Unsure whether it was a Zara fart or sulfur, we soon found ourselves at the natural hot springs.

The waterfall is gorgeous, with a mildly warm pool near it. Two other pools sit parallel to the river, and are toasty warm.

The group ahead of us claimed one, we took the other. Zara was scared to swim at first, but once we coaxed her in, she thrashed about like a whale.

After soaking for two hours, our skin had a film of sulfur and our fingers were pruney.

We changed out of swimsuits into dry clothes (of course I nearly mooned a guy) and we hiked back to the car. It was fun to see the trail we’d followed in the dark on the way in. We oohed and ahhed over the river.

On the drive home we got burritos. Those combined with 4:30 a.m. wake up call, a hike, and muscle-relaxing soak made for a tired family. We got home, showered, and napped before going to a friend’s house for a surprise birthday party.

We grilled out, played corn hole, and stayed up way too late telling embarrassing spouse stories. Good thing Cody is a good sport…his sledding down the dirt hill video may have been shown on the large screen. But Micah and Bri had good ones on behalf of their guys too. We are so blessed to enjoy such strong friendships so quickly after moving here. They feel like family and we love them all so much. Cheers to many more late night memories.

6 thoughts on “Diamond Fork Hot Springs

  1. You guys are so adventurous! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend 🙂 Thanks for sharing with your readers!

  2. WOW, these pictures are fantastic and it looks like an absolutely divine place to visit. PLEASE take me there! I would need to come down for the entire summer to go all the places you have posted and I want to see hahaha.

  3. Every bit of that looked absolutely thrilling and fun, except the 4:30 a.m. part, that sounded rather awful hahaha, I love you!!!!

    1. It was a bit early even for my adventurous taste…but I surely loved having the spring to ourselves. Totally worth the early wake up call!

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