Dear Readers…

Dear Readers…

When I first began this blog, my purpose was to use it as an online scrapbook for my memories. Somewhere along the way, it morphed into a goal to inspire others. While that is a noble thing, I found that I was focused more on creating good content than actually focusing on the moment in life. When I scroll through my blog, I am drawn to the memories, not the motivational posts. Time is valuable and I noticed I was spending more time blogging than working on my novel. My novel is my ultimate goal and priority, so I needed to make a change.

The Writing Traveler is going back to its roots: photo/story-based posts to provide Cody and I with a fire-proof scrapbook of memories. To my family and friends, the candid photos might still interest you. To my foreign readership, you might no longer be interested. Or vice versa. That is okay. I am blogging for our sake, when times get rough, to look back at the fun we’ve had and the goals we’ve accomplished.

Some posts might be marked as “private” so that the public can’t see them. Internet safety prompts me to leave out certain details that I might want included for my own personal reference later, so those posts will be inaccessible to others.

If you want to keep reading, I am honored. If you want to bow out and spend your time elsewhere, no hard feelings. Life is too short to waste on things that don’t matter in our big scheme of priorities. Thank you for the journey. I am excited for this change and the freedom it allows.

Remember: Always live a life you love.


5 thoughts on “Dear Readers…

    1. You’re the sweetest 🙂 And will probably be featured in some amazing nutella/tag-a-long/smores posts real soon 😀 😀 So excited for our camping trip.

  1. I want s’more too…so I shall keep enjoying your adventures and living vicariously through you on the things I am now too old or too chicken to experience hahaha.

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